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Atal Tinkering Lab

Atal Tinkering Lab for Schools

Our Motto is Cultivating the students as neoteric innovators and future prodigies

Comp-Point Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. an ISO cft. Co. is a part of the indicative list of vendors by NITI Aayog for setting up the ATL (ATAL Tinkering Lab) in schools.

We provide the Atal Tinkering Lab to create innovation with limitless possibilities and help students learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in an effective way. These ATL labs include working space, equipment storage and utilizing space, resource section etc.
The company has set up Atal Tinkering Lab in 35 schools under the flagship of Comp-Point; the school has won accolades in various marathons / competitions.
The Company imparts professional training to the school faculty to make them self sufficient. The mentor from the company assists the students to make tech projects based on Niti Aayog guidelines.
We provide flexible layout design that can be easily customized according to the actual space available in the school.

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Atal Tinkering Lab - Shape Your Child Future with Atl Laboratory

Atl Tinkering Lab's mission is to create a workspace which is acceptable for the young minds of the country. To learn innovative abilities, create challenging ideas via hands-on activities. The goal of establishing a tinkering laboratory set up is to empower youth with the 21st-century skills of imagination, innovation and creative thinking. Also, a laboratory was established to further the moral leadership qualities among the youth so that they could become the future of the nation.
Atal Lab understands entrepreneurship and innovation have become an integral part of our nation. We would like to introduce children to technology innovation by placing Atal Tinkering Lab in schools. Many students from schools across the nation are benefiting from the Atal Lab initiative. Laboratories in schools make young minds a booster of ideas and innovation.

Learn Innovation and Push Your Kid's Limits by Atl Lab

Atal tinkering laboratories are a flagship initiative of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), in association with the Government of India. Aim to adopt and nurture a creative mindset among a myriad of high schools throughout the Nation. By setting up the atal technical lab within schools, children will learn advanced options for India's unique issues, which ultimately act as catalysts in India's economy.

Key Features of Atl / Atal Tinkering Lab

  • Atal projects are such a workspace that permits young minds to learn brilliant abilities through which they may learn creative suggestions for their future.
  • The notion of forming Tinkering Lab Setup across schools in the nation is to offer young minds to the understanding of mastering the concepts of Science-Technology-Engineering-Math.
  • Also, ATL conducts different tasks across regions in the kind of competitions, exhibitions, workshops in periodic duration.
Eligibility Criteria for Setting up atl lab in schools
  • The schools which are authorized by Atl Niti Aayog can install Tinkering Labs.
  • The school must have the space of approx 1500 square feet.
  • However, schools that are perched on hills and Himalayas or in island states require approx 1000 square feet space for setting up atal tinkering laboratories.

It sounds like atal tinkering mission is just the perfect way to train your child's mind. Isn't It? Browse the website's home page to know everything about Atal Tinkering Lab setup, packages and equipments

Atal innovation Lab details & Packages

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Atal Tinkering Lab Packages (P1, P2, P3, P4)

Package P1

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(Electronics development, Robotics, Internet of Things and Sensors) with 2 years warranty
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(Rapid Prototyping Tools) with 2 years Warranty
Package P3

35 Items

(Mechanical, Electrical and Measurement tools) with 2 years warranty
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(Constructional Kit, Power Supply, Consumables, Accessories and Safety Equipment) with 2 years warranty

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