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Designed to deliver food to customers at restaurant: EVA-MINI has been designed to efficiently work in medium scale restaurant as servers. A fully charged EVA-MINI can work upto 8 hours continuously.

Beautiful design and aesthetics: EVA-MINI is designed to be attractive and people-friendly. It’s shape, blinking eyes, height and body structure has been designed to resemble human so that people fall in love with a robotic waiter straightway.

Payload capacity: EVA-MINI has an attached tray that can support weight of food upto 4 kg. Speed of EVA-MINI has been optimized to 0.3 m/s per second to serve all kinds of food.

Autonomous navigation: EVA-MINI can navigate around the restaurant premises on its own following a magnetic strip. With in-built obstacle sensor, it also avoids static and dynamic obstacles. The restaurant must not contain uneven surfaces and it must be flat.

 7 USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Intelligent Welcome, Save Manpower
  3. Magnetic Strip Navigation
  4. Auto Docking
  5. Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance
  6. Single Tray
  7. Reception Work
  • Artificial Intelligence based automated Robot.
  • It is indigenised and is a very stable machine from IITians.
  • its speed is 0.4 m/s and ht is approx 4ft.
  • it is equipped with the IR/Ultrasonic sensors.
  • it can be APP Based controlled also.
  • it can interact with the visitors and can provide information about various things.
  • It can communicate with the user also.
  • It can play music.
  • it can be used for the entertainment of the users too.
  • it can carry load upto 4 kgs.
  • Warranty 1 yr and spares support is for 5 yrs.
  • battery back up 8-10 hrs(24v)
  • It moves on a magnetic strip.
  • It is totally maintenance free machine.
  • It can carry manual sanitizers bottles.
  • It can at least replace 1 helper without being contaminated and thus reducing operational cost.

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