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Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab for Schools and Colleges

Our current education system tests the memory of the students while it should focus on the comprehension and the logics of the students.

Comp-Point Systems (I) Pvt Ltd. an ISO certified company is 30 years old backed by professionals of IITs etc. Company provides very advanced robotics lab from class I to XII. The lab consists of Self Assembly / Programmable / Arduino / Raspberry Robotics kits / Humanoids followed by conducting a training workshop for the school computer science faculty.

Robotic lab setup in India

Company has installed 300 plus Robotics Lab pan India.

Setup robotics innovation lab in school and collages

We provide robotics lab for schools and colleges by which students can learn about the concepts of Physics & Maths using Robots

CBSE has introduced 'artificial intelligence' as a skill subject.

Big data & AI is going to revolutionize the classroom teaching. Transform ur prestigious school into a tech-savvy one.

Artifical Intelligence (AI) is the ability of machine or a computer program to think and learn. Goals of AI are to create expert systems and to implement Human Intelligence in Machines. AI has infinite number of applications including gaming, medical systems, restaurants (like robo waiter), speech recognition and many more.

Rent a Robot….

Contact us for the conferences, birthday parties, seminars, product launch, greeting and serving purpose etc. We are just a call away. Robos from 2 ft to 5 ft height ..communicating with you with expressions.

Whether it is a one-day conference or a long duration seminar, a tall, handsome greeting robo of 5 ft height is going to make an indelible mark on your clients or the prospective investors.

Before buying a robo, you want to take the trial, you can take it with you as your companion/ buddy who can serve you and chat with you.

You can control the robo from remote place also through Wi-Fi. You can use your robo as a factory tech supervisor who can send you the pics and real time videos of your working place. Robo becomes your confidential partner and improves your efficiency as well. Go for it lest you should lag behind the world. You have to have an edge over your counterparts, after all you are above the rest.

Robotics lab

Robo Waiter

Serving Robot for Bars, Hotels and Restaurants

Robo Waiter - a boon for restaurants, hospitals. Robo Waiter is 5 ft tall, interacts politely, walks smoothly, takes the orders from the customers and delivers the food from the kitchen on to the desired table.

Robo Waiter
Lab for
Class I - XI
Learn about the concepts of Physics & Maths using Robots
Kit Sharing
1 kit can be shared by 2/3 students
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Robotics Lab for schools

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An ISO 9001

An ISO 9001 & 25 yrs old Co.

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Associated with 1000+ Public Schools

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Awarded by CBSE Chairman & Ex. LG of Delhi.

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